You are in good hands with the professional staff at The Heritage Club Barbershop and Salon. Our talented barbers can help you look and feel your best, all while in comfort. Our team blends the classic comforts of the past, with the contemporary hairstyling of today. We excel in providing high-end quality products and service.


Picture of Marcus, a Barber/Manager at Heritage Club Barbershop

Marcus – Barber / Manager

Marcus is a seasoned barber hailing from Connecticut. He embarked on his journey into the world of barbering in 1988, fueled by an unwavering passion for his craft. With a rich background as an educator of cosmetology for 12 years, Marcus organized and hosted barber battles, engaged in platform work, and showcased his talents on runways. In 2014, Marcus found a new home in Tampa and seamlessly integrated into The Heritage Club in 2017. Here, he continues to excel and contribute to the world of barbering. His expertise extends to a variety of techniques. He’s got a particular flair for dimensional colors, clipper and shear techniques. Marcus is not just a barber. He’s a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience. He ensures every client leaves with a style that reflects both tradition and contemporary trends.


A Picture of Nick, a Barber at Heritage Club Barbershop

Nick – Barber

Nick, originally born in Port Charlotte, Florida, and raised in Upstate New York, made the impactful decision to return to his roots in Florida to pursue his dream of becoming a Barber. His journey led him to the Sunstate Academy of Clearwater. There, he honed his skills and embraced the art of barbering. Specializing in shear cuts, beard trims, face shaves, and bald fades, Nick brings a diverse range of expertise to his craft. In 2021, he found a welcoming home at The Heritage Club Barbershop. Here, his passion for the trade is evident in every service he provides. With a unique blend of Florida and Upstate New York influences, Nick is committed to turning his clients’ visions into reality. He promises a memorable and satisfying experience at every visit.


A Picture of Jordan, a Barber at Heritage Club Barbershop

Jordan – Barber

Jordan, an Army Veteran with roots in Mississippi, transitioned to Clearwater in 2015. In Clearwater, he embarked on a new journey that led him to the world of barbering. After dedicated service in the military, Jordan obtained his Barber’s license from Sunstate Academy in 2021. Specializing in the artistry of a bald fade, Jordan’s passion for his craft extends to all services he offers. Committed to excellence, he continuously hones his talents to ensure your satisfaction. Beyond being a skilled barber, Jordan brings the discipline and dedication cultivated during his military service to the barber chair. He provides a unique and professional experience for every client.


A Picture of Kristina, a Barber at Heritage Club Barbershop

Kristina – Barber

Kristina, a proud Saint Petersburg native, has an unwavering love for her hometown. Her journey into the world of beauty and barbering led her to the American Institute of Beauty. There, she earned her license. As the 5th generation in her family to embrace this industry, cutting hair is more than a skill for Kristina. Barbering runs through her veins and in her soul. Specializing in beard trims, Kristina brings a unique touch to her services, often detailing looks with precision using the straight edge razor. For her, the joy lies in thriving in a profession she loves. Waking up every morning to do what she is passionate about is not just a job for Kristina. It’s a source of fulfillment and a testament to her dedication to the art of barbering.


A Picture of Ray, a Barber at Heritage Club Barbershop

Ray – Barber

Ray, a Cuban native, honed his barbering skills for five years in Cuba before bringing his expertise to the United States. In 2020, he found his home at The Heritage Club. There, his detailed and passionate approach to his work shines through.

Ray specializes in bald fades, scissor cuts, beard trimming, and styling. He is dedicated to delivering top-notch service in every aspect of his craft. His commitment to professionalism and a personalized experience ensures that every client leaves with tailored and exceptional result. Ray’s journey from Cuba to The Heritage Club is a testament to his skill, dedication, and the international influence he brings to his barbering.


A Picture of Hector, a Barber at Heritage Club Barbershop

Hector – Barber

Hector, a South Bronx native, discovered his true passion in the art of barbering. He pursued formal education at Natural Motions in Jersey City, New Jersey, obtaining his license and graduating in March of 2002. Hector excels in precision fades and intricate design work, showcasing his artistic flair. Having recently relocated to Florida in July 2022, Hector brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant personality. Beyond his technical skills, Hector finds joy in meeting new people, learning about them, and ultimately elevating their confidence with a fresh, new look. His commitment to making clients feel good about themselves through personalized service is a testament to his dedication to the craft of barbering.


A Picture of Larry, a Barber at Heritage Club Barbershop - The Team

Larry – Barber

Hailing from New Jersey, Larry is a skilled barber who graduated from Tampa’s Paul Mitchell Academy in 2018. His expertise lies in the art of beard trims, and face and head shaves. He combines precision and flair to create impeccable looks. What sets Larry apart is his love for the creative aspect of barbering. He sees each haircut as an opportunity to showcase his talents and skills, infusing a unique touch into every service. Beyond the barber chair, Larry has a passion for DJing, adding a vibrant and dynamic element to his personality. Whether he’s perfecting your trim or spinning tunes, Larry’s dedication to creativity and enjoyment shines through in every endeavor.


A Picture of David, a Barber at Heritage Club Barbershop - The Team

David – Barber

Hailing from Colombia, David is a skilled barber who graduated from Shear Excellence Academy in 2018, earning his barber’s license. While his favorite services include precision beard trims, David takes pleasure in performing a diverse range of services, from stylish combovers to meticulous long scissor cuts. David’s mission extends beyond the haircut – he is dedicated to making his clients feel great about themselves. With a commitment to instilling confidence and style in every client, he brings a personalized touch to each service. David’s proficiency, combined with his passion for enhancing his clients’ self-esteem, ensures that leaving his chair is not just a haircut but a transformative experience.


A Picture of Wes, a Barber at Heritage Club Barbershop - The Team

Wes – Barber

Wes, originally from the Bronx in New York, ventured to Tampa to broaden his career horizons and pursue his dream of becoming a barber. He graduated from Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy in 2020. Wes has since made a mark with his unique and creative approach to barbering.

Specializing in distinctive hairstyles, including mullets, shags, and pixies, Wes is known for his precise and detailed line work. His passion for trends and fashion is evident in his work, where he incorporates an acute attention to detail. Beyond just haircuts and beard trims, Wes is dedicated to building confidence in his clients. He ensures they leave not only with a stylish look but also with a renewed sense of self-assurance.