Today I knew I’d need a good haircut before I had my work Christmas party. My neighbor had told me about The Heritage Club while just chit chatting and my girlfriend works out here in Tampa so I figured I’d have to see what the hype was about. Now let me tell you it lived up to the hype for sure. I walked in and was greeted by a receptionist who was very upbeat and gave me the scoop because it was my first time (definitely won’t be the last though). Then I was offered a drink and the barber who did my hair was ready to start his art project. Now I say art project cuz that’s what this should be labeled as. I walked in with a mop on top of my head and walked out as the barber put it, ‘looking like Justin Timberlake’. They did an excellent job at making me not only look great but he made me feel great with his quick jokes and good Motown music making me feel right at home like in Chicago. I recently moved down to Florida and have now found my go to place. This barber shop knows how to deliver excellent service! 

— Tim B.


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